Security Architecture (SA)

Security Architecture (SA)

Protect your Cloud Network Infrastructure design with in-depth Threat Modeling, Defense-on-
Depth Security Principles and Control Specifications

Cloud Security Architecture

IRM Consulting & Advisory focuses on the security architecture of your technology infrastructure components and Software Bill of Materials (BOM) to ensure security is embedded in architectural design and configuration of your infrastructure, orchestration, and software. This includes the security of gateways, firewalls, load balancers, API Endpoints, network ingress and egress traffic, redundancy, Advanced Threat Protection, DDos Protection, and more. We deliver cloud architecture best practices to protect, defend and keep the confidentiality, integrity, availability, security and privacy of your data and information assets.

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Our Service

Our Security Architecture services help you innovate with confidence, knowing that your business and your people are protected. We help our customers by designing, developing and deploying the right security architecture to reduce risks and manage threats, while protecting data, IP and business operations.

Let’s re-imagine your Security Architecture

Protection for your cloud infrastructure including kubernetes, containers, apps and cloud-based business processes. Our security architecture services gives you access to specialist Cloud security architects to protect your business from the unique threats and vulnerabilities cloud technology creates.

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If you are interested in our services, please set an appointment with us so we can thoroughly discuss your needs.

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Our Industry Certifications

Our diverse industry experience and expertise in Cybersecurity, Information Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance is endorsed by leading industry certifications for the quality, value and cost-effective services we deliver to our clients.

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