Why Us

We offer personalized Cybersecurity & Risk Management-as-a-Service.

Benefits for your SaaS Products and Services

Competitive Advantage & Fast Time to Market

Improve your competitive advantage by reassuring your customers, partners, investors, and suppliers that the valuable information they provide you will be secure.

Save Costs and Time

Avoid or reduce the direct and indirect impacts on your business from
Cybersecurity Attacks. Impacts include but are not limited to:

  • Data Breaches
  • Financial Loss
  • Damage to Brand or Reputation
  • Negative Customer Experience and Loss of Customer Trust
  • Disruptions of Business Operations
  • Unavailability of Technology Software and Infrastructure
  • Negative employee experience
  • Litigation, Regulatory Fines or License revocation.
  • Litigation, Regulatory Fines or License revocation.
  • Significantly cut down on remediation time and costs by “shifting security left” and mitigating threats before they turn into vulnerabilities.

Demonstrate your adherence to Industry Standard Security & Privacy best practices to Prospects and existing customers.


Ensure your organization is eligible to compete for business opportunities that require cybersecurity assurance. Our services will help you build secure Products and Services, establish and maintain a robust and sustainable Security Program.

Customer Trust & Satisfaction

Our services will help you win new business, gain Customer Trust and provide Security Assurance for your Products & Services.

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Protect Customers & Grow your SaaS Business

Business adoption of cloud technologies, such as SaaS and IaaS, provides huge productivity wins but also brings major issues that can adversely impact the security of your SaaS Products & Services. As your Trusted Advisor, we thrive on helping you build secure products, protect your customer data, privacy, and your critical information assets in the Cloud against cybersecurity attacks.

As your Trusted Advisor, we will help you ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability, privacy and data security of your products and services — we will help you implement industry-standard best practices and prepare you for SOC2 Type 2, ISO27001, ISO27017, or CyberSecure Canada Certifications when you are ready.

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Cybersecurity Assurance for your SaaS Business

You can count on the diverse experience of our Trusted Advisors. We help Internet, Technology Start-Ups and Small-To-Medium Size companies providing SaaS Products and Services across all Industries.

We partner with Management, Product, Application Development and Engineering teams to identify, protect, detect and respond to security Threats and Risks while ensuring Regulatory & Legal Compliance. We’ll work with you to design and implement secure effective controls and solutions. We will embed security best practices into all aspects of your Product and Development Lifecycles.

We provide assurance by guiding you to achieve industry-standard security certifications such as SOC2, ISO27001, PCI-DSS. We provide assurance by ensuring your critical and sensitive information assets such as PII and ePHI is protected in compliance with Privacy Laws and Regulations such as GDPR.

Our Services are designed based on Risk and Security best practices to empower Entrepreneurs, Technology Start-Ups, Small-To Medium-Size companies in industries such as Financial Services, Health Care, Education, Public Sector, Advertising, eCommerce, Marketing, and Hospitality so that they can focus on their core business of providing quality Products & Services to customers with a level of Assurance.

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