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DevSecOps (DSO)

Automate and embed security into your Development Lifecycle and Release Workflows. Build
and release Secure Products and Services for your Customers.

Why DevSecOps?

DevSecOps (DSO) is a combination of Software Development (Dev), Cybersecurity (Sec) and Information Technology Operations (Ops). Combining these factors together allows for speeding the software delivery that makes continuous collaboration, automation, communication, and integration possible. With these processes, software delivery is prioritized based on risk and scanning for security vulnerabilities is increased and optimized into your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines.

Avoiding and mitigating security threats and risks in your DevOps initiatives by following security best practices will help your organization deliver secure products to your customers and build trust with customers.

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Secure Software for your Business

Secure Software for your Business

Software development is more fast-paced and automated than ever before. To keep up and adapt to the rapidly changing needs of your business, you need to build security into DevOps. Our DevSecOps(DSO) solutions help you shift security left without slowing down your development teams.

Application Security

Application Security

We address specific application security challenges and objectives by providing secure development best practices for your development teams. Whether you want to move applications to the cloud, build security into your software development life cycle (SDLC) or DevOps initiatives, or manage open source risks, we are here to help.

Identify, Correlate and Remediate

Identify, Correlate and Remediate

Automated application security tests can overwhelm development teams with findings that they need to review and prioritize. Intelligently correlate and prioritize application security findings with our solutions so development teams can focus remediation activities on issues that have the greatest business impact.

Build High-Quality Secure Products

Build High-Quality Secure Products

With DevSecOps (DSO), Application Security testing doesn’t have to bring pipelines to a halt or overwhelm developers with security findings. We provide fast, accurate and scalable static and dynamic analysis that helps developers identify quality defects and security weaknesses in their code, while verifying that it complies with common coding and security standards.

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Our Services and Solutions will help you embed and integrate Security into your existing DevOps Tools and Processes, allowing your organization’s systems to combine optimal software development and technology with quality and security. This combination promotes a balance between fast development and codebase security.

If you are interested in our services, please set an appointment with us so we can thoroughly discuss your needs.

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Our Industry Certifications

Our diverse industry experience and expertise in Cybersecurity, Information Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance is endorsed by leading industry certifications for the quality, value and cost-effective services we deliver to our clients.

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