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Cloud Security Controls (CSC)

Protect your Cloud environment against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. Implement
security best practices to secure your Information & Technology assets in the Cloud

Cloud Security Controls for your SaaS Business

Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility between the cloud provider and its customer. Organizations that assume that the cloud provider does everything and fail to recognize their responsibility get into trouble.

In the world of SaaS, the application provider secures the underlying physical infrastructure, network, OS, and application, freeing up customers to focus their efforts on identity and access management (IAM) and data protection. The challenge is that businesses often forget that keeping track of who has access, and what that access is used for, is still their responsibility.

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AWS Security

Our Cloud Security Controls (CSC) assessment service is designed to address whatever stage you are at in your cloud security journey. Our services include cloud security architecture reviews, vulnerability and security mis-configuration checks.

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Azure Security

Exploitation of system and software vulnerabilities within a Cloud Service Provider’s infrastructure, platforms, or applications that support multi-tenancy can lead to a failure to maintain separation among tenants. Multi-tenancy increases the attack surface, leading to an increased chance of data leakage if the separation controls fail.

We utilize Cloud Security Controls (CSC) and frameworks to help you create and ensure a secure cloud environment.


SaaS Security

Compliance with Cloud Security Controls (CSC) promotes transparency and trust with your customers and provides customer visibility into specific security standard practices your business uses to build Secure Products.

We provide Cloud Security Control Assessments, comprehensive Reports and guidance on security best practices for your Cloud environments, helping your business focus on your SaaS Product Design and Delivery.

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