Advisory Services

We can optimize your organization's data security.

Our expert Trusted Advisors and Consultants can help you protect and secure your organization and customer Information Assets through the following Services

Virtual CISO Services

Build and Run your entire Security Program with our vCISO Services.

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Cybersecurity Training &

Leverage solutions to integrate Cybersecurity Awareness and Training into the People, Culture and Business Processes of your organization

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Data Security & Privacy

Protect the Privacy and Security of your organization and customer data. Prevent and detect Data Breaches and unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data.

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Governance Risk & Compliance

Govern, Manage Risk and ensure Compliance and sustainability of your Security Program.

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Process Risk & Controls

Identify Process Risks, Design, Implement and operate effective controls to mitigate Risks to your organization and customer Information & Technology Assets.

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Threat Modeling

Proactively identify and evaluate potential Security Threats and Vulnerabilities during Product Design, understand the impact of Threats and apply appropriate security controls and solutions.

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Penetration Testing

Simulate attack scenarios that a hacker will use to launch an attack, Identify security vulnerabilities before hackers can locate and exploit them.

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Cloud Security Controls

Protect your Cloud environments against misconfiguration, vulnerabilities, and malicious attacks. Implement seurity best practices to secure your Information & Technology Assets in the Cloud.

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Automate and embed security into your Development Lifecycle and Release Workflows. Build and release Secure Products and Services for your Customers.

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Blockchain Security

Build and Run secure Distributed Applications and Services on Blockchain Technology

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IoT Security

Protect your Data, Smart Devices, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Smart Governments in an interconnected ecosystem

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Security Architecture

Protect your Cloud Network Infrastructure design with in-depth Threat Modeling, Defense-in-Depth Security Principles and Control specifications.

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