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Organizations Are Asking the Wrong Questions About Cybersecurity

These questions, and their answers, lead to bad decisions on priorities and investments in cybersecurity. At best, they lead to an approval for some version of the security budget. At worst, they lead to a false sense of security that “everything will be OK.” Everything is not going to be OK.

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Cybersecurity can be costly to your Business if you don’t understand the problem and how to address it from an economic, operational and technical perspective. Our Services provide a Comprehensive Guide on how to effectively manage and sustain your Cybersecurity Program.

Money alone does not solve the cybersecurity problem, and a major component of future cybersecurity success is the engagement of executives. You don’t just need money; you need smart money, spent in a business context. When senior executives say they will provide funds necessary to address cybersecurity, they are abdicating their role in oversight and participation in the process.

The importance of ensuring an organization assigns the right people to protect itself is becoming more apparent with the continuous rise of security threats and cyberattacks. Recent trends and cybersecurity statistics from Risk-based revealed that over four billion business records were exposed in the opening half of last year.

IRM Consulting & Advisory | Your Cybersecurity Trusted Advisor

IRM Consulting & Advisory can provide your business with the highest level of security protection at the fraction of the Market Rate Cost. We provide effective and efficient solutions that will save costs over time whilst providing the highest level of protection for your information assets.

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